About This Resource

Rainbow Health Ontario and our FAQs working group gathered these answers in response to questions we are commonly asked by trans and non-binary folks in Ontario. The questions and answers were designed for Ontario residents over the age of 18.

Where relevant and possible, we have included system navigation information for community members who face particular challenges when accessing healthcare, such as people who are Indigenous, newcomers, refugees, international students, people who do sex work, are HIV positive people and/or those who have mental health concerns, among others.

We’ve used plain language as much as possible to make this resource accessible and relevant to different people's identities and experiences. These FAQs and their answers are intended to help you with the process of transitioning both socially and medically. We also hope they can help you find community.

How To Use This Resource

We've grouped questions by categories. You can search the entire knowledge base using the search bar at the top of this page, or you can go into a section and search just within that section. Your feedback is welcome, using the feedback feature at the bottom of each question, or by emailing us at info@rainbowhealthontario.ca.